Its All about Relationships.....

Have we ever felt trapped, controlled, manipulated, disillusioned, disrespected, deceived, dictated to, used & abused, not good enough, lonely, over worked, overwhelmed, burnt out,stressed out ?

Whether it be from our personal relationships, partner, family, friends, acquaintances or in the workplace or even from those with strict rigid religious or political beliefs, these can be very unpleasant painful experiences.
Prolonged exposure to these toxic behaviours may lead to stress, anxiety, depression, challenges in our relationships & debilitating illness on all levels- physically, mentally ,emotionally , inter personally & financially

Personally speaking , I know how it feels......
I've been there...done that... & got the tee shirt... ! :)
It may even be happening to us unconsciously & we don't even realise it until the we become ill. That's exactly what happened to myself.

A bit of my own background ... some of this may also resonate with those reading this...
I was brought up Christian, in a somewhat fundamentalist religious tradition in Ireland where many of the beliefs I never really felt at ease with.
I left school at 17 & became an employee in one of the leading banks here in Ireland.
At age 18, I started reading personal growth & development books & a part time business.
At 21,I became my own boss & went into business full time.

So after a few years in the ''rat race'' & ''on the hamster wheel'' of unhealthy work/life balance[ which I didn't realise]
in excessive pursuit of material wealth,
striving for approval, to be better, to do better,
over working, stressed out,
looking outside myself for fulfilment,
searching for the ideal partner,
obsessed with getting the desirable body physique by being addicted to my physical fitness regime.....
So 7 years later, in 1990 I had my first bout of chronic fatigue at age 28 & instead of working 15 hours per day,
I had to sleep 15 hours per day!
When I ran out of energy, I was taken off my feet & had to stop chasing!!
Simply put, I was burnt out.

Then for for next 7 years...
Whilst I was trying desperately to find the help to recover from ME / Chronic fatigue / Nervous exaustion / Burn out....
I was searching for answers & asking myself many questions like –
How could this happen to me? being a non drinker, non smoker, health & fitness conscious ?
Why am I feeling like this?
What is going on in my life...?
Why has this happened?
Could it be these things have happened to me for a reason...?
Will I ever get rid of these dark clouds of depression...?
Is there light at the end of the tunnel...?

So eventually at age 35, after 7 years soul searching questions, looking for help in personal growth & development courses / seminars plus alternative therapies, all of which was helpful although not addressing the underlying cause,
I eventually found the answers that helped me address the cause & help myself recover my well being on All levels for which I am so very grateful.

Have we ever heard that ''when the pupil is ready , the teachers appear..''?
Encouraging & caring mentors to take us by the hand ,
who understand what it feels like,
who have had the same or similar experiences, who changed their own lives & now dedicating their lives to help others.
Someone providing mentoring by sharing the tools that they themselves proved.
Someone who says -
''Yes! You too can do this …. I was once there too!!
There IS light at the end of the tunnel !!
If you are seriously interested in helping yourself,
I will help you''.

Getting the help & direction to get to the underlying cause was the key...
Isn't so true that when we deal with the cause, then the symptoms disappear....

So if I did it, anyone can do it....

We all deserve to live a wholesome peaceful healthy contented balanced & fulfilled life & living our life purpose.
Isn't that the way our lives should be...?
We All deserve this !
We Are worth it!!

Its wonderful feeling to live every day being grateful & enjoying the benefits of wholesome spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, inter – personal & vocational well being …..


Now it's an honour & privilege to help others.... as a
Well Being, Relationship, Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor
sharing with others who may be experiencing similar life challenging experiences the tools that helped me to recover my well being to live a wholesome fulfilled healthy contented & balanced life

A few things that greatly helped me then & continue to do so are as follows -
1. The Quality of my life, is the quality of my communication.... Firstly to myself...

So understanding that which I was subconsciously communicating or saying to myself in my own thought processes
I was also unconsciously communicating to others...!

2. ''The Greatest Love of All, is learning to love Ourselves''..... as is made very clear in the song recorded by George Benson & also by Whitney Houston

  1. The words of wisdom from - Christ - '' Love thy neighbour , As Thyself''...

Shakespeare - '' Above All, to thine own self , Be True''....
Oracle of Delphi – ''Know Thyself''


So should any of the above resonate, I am always happy to speak to people who are serious about taking control of their own lives so please feel free to contact me by phone on
0044 [ 0] 7767 676677
or email

''Healthy Self – Heal Thy Self''

Kindest regards & Heart Hugs,
Well Being, Relationship, Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor