is like a driving instructor.... If you Feel you are now ready to take the necessary steps rediscover how to take control of Your own life & move forward in your journey of life, it is my intention, privilege and honour to assist you in helping you go where you desire...
ie helping You help Yourself
So just like a driving instructor, you are the driver of your vehicle ie your life..... and I sit with you as you move forward, coaching & mentoring you,
supporting you, as long as you apply yourself to the tools, skills & techniques provided...... which I have proven for many years.
I will remain committed to my role as coach & mentor for as long as You wish.... ideally until You feel that You are proficiently in control of Your Own life
& well being & you have achieved what you initially set out to achieve ....

Some of the tools , techniques & skills that I will be sharing with you are listed below.....

Meditation....How & What to do to get Greatest results

 What is it...?
It is the way to still & cleanse the mind & return us back to our True selves by stilling the ''monkey mind'', taking control  of the sub conscious & conscious thoughts , neutralising the  debilitating destructive fears of the future & regrets of the past... It restores us to our innate state of presence & Inner Knowing Awareness.. that  joyful relaxed state we had as young children which is our true nature before our minds got programmed & essentially polluted.
It Truly is life changing...the best present you could ever give Yourself

What are the benefits of meditation?
Learn how to achieve more  by doing less
Enables us to achieve a healthy work / life balance
15 minutes daily is equivalent of 4 hours sleep refreshing the body & mind
Logs off the brain, stopping the incessant mental chatter thereby enhancing natural restful sleep as we did as children
Helps us re-learn how to  breathe properly  ie abdominal belly breathe accessing the life force pranic energy, connects us every time we breathe properly with our Inner selves , our spirit ..
ie note the  words   re- spirit - ary  system, in- spir- ation, a - spir- ation
Greatly improves oxygen supply into the entire body -  blood , bodily organs & brain
Lowers heart rate, hyper tension [ high blood pressure] & accompanied with affirmations & visualization exercises, can heal serious & critical illness
Enhanced feeling of well being, mood & feel good factor
Slows down the aging process!  Yes!!  Look & feel younger & live a longer fulfilled contented life! Get rid of those worry lines....
Permanently reduces stress, worry , anxiety , depression, irritability & moodiness
Greatly improves self love, self confidence, self  worth & self steem
Amplifies feelings of inspiration, vitality, rejuvenation, contentment & happiness
Live more in the Present moment- remove worry & fear about the future & regrets of the past
Eliminate uncontrollable sub consciousness patterns, habits, fears  phobias
Greatly assists in maintaining positive relaxed mindset & positive constructive thinking thereby attracting positive, constructive situations &  people into our lives
Helps us rediscover, how to use & balance Both sides of our brain  - the male analytical logical left  side [ 10%] with the female  intuitive creative caring loving nurturing  right side [ 90%]
Makes us much more intuitive [ to follow our hearts & listen to our gut feelings] thereby making correct choices & decisions in All areas of life  ie Follow the heart & Listen to the  gut feelings
Helps us to be True to Ourselves & Others so we cannot ever again be controlled or dictated to by dogmatic or controlling people
Greatly improves & enhances our relationships with, family, friends, business or work colleagues
Live our lives lovingly &  peacefully... content with ourselves  others
Enables us to give  the necessary powerful attention to Our Intention
Aligns us again of the natural & Divine  Laws of Attraction & Vibration & How to utilise them  constructively... for our benefit.... birds of a feather... like attracts like
Re aligns & restores the perfect harmonious balance between  soul, heart, mind & body....
no more civil war between the head & the heart, ego & the Higher self which instead of having
dis -ease & displeasure, live in perfect wholeness & unity!
Turns our upside down lives & world the right way  up..... from   Have ..Do ..Be.. ..which clearly doesn't work to
BE .. DO .. HAVE 
ie  Know & BE  Who You ARE...
DO  what Your pertains to Your life purpose...
HAVE Total fulfillment in Your life
Returns us to our constant state of Higher self awareness to our Inner I AM True self....

And MANY More.......

Affirmations....What are they & How to Utilise them Effectively

What are they...?
Affirmations are Very powerful tools that act like a virus checker removing a  virus  from a computer & replacing it with the correct program undoing the negative destructive thought patterns by replacing them with constructive thought patterns.
Affirmations are totally personal , powerful &  in Always in the present tense commands
from the conscious mind to the sub consious mind .
Correct use of these commands over a relatively short period of time , especially when used in the meditative state,  reinstate the correct mindset  of subconscious & conscious thought patterns thereby  significantly improving health & well being on all levels


Creative Visualization

What is it..?
Its the reverse of what we were told  & what was impacted upon us in the world system of educational programming... the reverse of the commonly help perception which is
''seeing is believing...''
The Truth is ...
Believing Is Seeing....
Ask.... Believing........ & You Shall Receive.... it Shall be given unto You...
Remember, We  Are Worthy !!
When we Believe it first ,  then we can then See it......
When we conceptualise something within our Inner mind which is our  heart, attach  desire to it, then apply our gut feeling to it which is our will, that forms the Intention.
We have aligned ourselves with the Universal Laws of Attraction & Vibration  & that which we desire from within  our True Inner selves is now  drawn to us..
Desire [ heart chakra]  + Will [ solar plexus gut feeling]  = Intention
Then  the Intention sends the message to  brain mind to visualise it with our minds eye ,
known as the 3rd eye, then as we hold the image of the desired outcome,
it becomes Reality, 
other wise known as Materialisation
Desire [ heart] + Will [ gut feeling]   = Intention &  is like the  movie or film projector
The minds eye [ 3rd eye] = Attention  & is like the screen


How to Create / Manifest / Materialize

Holding the image  [imag-ination]  in your minds eye as if it had already happened,
as if already the desired outcome has come about,
is exactly  like the farmer or gardener planting seed.
Learning how to use Intention & Attention Effectively in harmony leads to 
Creation & Materialization...
You create Your life the way the Real You desire it to be......


How to Live in Trust & Faith

Like the farmer or gardener, just Believe , Trust the process...
Have Faith that the desired outcome will manifest


Develop & Stay in an Attitude of Gratitude

Being Grateful that the desired outcome has already taken place draws it to us...
An Attitude of Gratitude is like the glue that brings it all together.
It invokes the natural Laws of Attraction  & Vibration because we  have aligned our True  Inner
I AM selves to live in harmony with the I AM Source / Universal Consciousness / Creator...
  that gives us Exactly what the Inner True Self desires...




How to Discover Your Life Purpose

Have You ever wondered or indeed asked yourself  - Why am I here...?
What really am I supposed to be doing with my life?
What is my vocation? 
What is my lifes' ''work''  ?

 We All have a Life Purpose.... 
 a purpose in this life,to do what we are really supposed to be doing with our life & our time,,,,
  where our ''doing'' is an expression of our Being
so every day we are directed from Within
True to Ourselves & our IN-Tuition,
leading fulfilling & contented lives on a daily basis
It is literally the answer to the question  WHY I Am here....
We at SamuelJennings.Life  provide a very simple though very powerful & profound exercise to help You discover Your Life Purpose




​​​IS it Really that Simple.....?